QotD: Vox Potluck

If your Vox Neighborhood had a potluck dinner tonight, what dish, drink or dessert would you bring?

In case the kitties get hungry (or people are really high).

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5 Responses to “QotD: Vox Potluck”

  1. LOL — YAY!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you thought of this! If I end up eating it (ugh) I'll be hoping for the Elegant Entrees….I like those turquoise cans!!Sweetie is a Fancy Feast cat — I get so much of it at PetSmart that he gets little presents from the Fancy Feat people – in the mail — I use my PetSmart "card" and every few month, he gets a free can, in a lovely box, with coupons enclosed — addressed to "Sweetie."

  2. I'd have to be really high to eat that stuff, man. Although I admit, I like the smell of it best of all the food I give my cats.

  3. If I recall from my days of such activity, I'd probably end up trying to cook with it. Yuk.

  4. A, la dolce vida de il gatto Sweetie! lol He gets fan mail from Fancy Feast.Kitten, amazingly, won't eat wet food. I've tried expensive cat fuels and all kinds of treats, and all she'll eat is Meow Mix, which I think is the feline equivalent of Lucky Charms (different shapes & colors, eg). Every now and then, I still buy some FF to give her as a treat, but she just ignores it, and I end up giving it to Marvin across the hall.Btw, Marvin is a cat. The hobbit-like nutjob downstairs would probably glom on a nice can of Mixed Grill with Giblets, but Marv is a beautiful, surly gray cat who's afraid of Kitten.

  5. 'or people are really high' hahahaive seen it done with cat food. gross đŸ˜›

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