I couldn’t make this up

From the Christian Science Monitor:

47% more calls come in to Roto-Rooter, the nation's largest supplier of plumbing services, on the day after Thanksgiving than a normal Friday. It's typically the busiest day of the year for plumbers.

Sure, people dumping grease, bones, vegetables, giblets, and Lord only knows what else down the garbage disposal accounts for a lot of the extra activity.  But another huge source? Think about it: if you have a house full of company gathered for the biggest, starchiest feast of the year, what would cause massive plumbing overloads the next day?

That's right.  All of the added people in the house taking big, steaming, holiday…

…showers.  Roto-rooter advises allowing at least ten minutes between showers, just to allow the drains to do their jobs. 

And for God's sake (and your plumbing's), don't let my Uncle Jerry use your bathroom. 

(In case you don't believe me!)

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One Response to “I couldn’t make this up”

  1. ROFL!!!!!!Uncle Jerry certainly looks comfy! And it's good that bottle of beer is so close; no need to get up!

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