Random thoughts:

  • Why was it kind of cute when I called this short woman I dated "fun size," but I know I'd get hit if I were to refer to a larger woman as "economy size"?
  • Reuters headline:

    Frozen Pizzas Recalled for Possible E.Coli

  • Who would ever have thought these things could be bad for you?
  • Does anyone else find it peculiar that Britney Spears is fighting for custody of her kids, and she has the audacity to petition the court to "terminate or modify" her mandatory drug and alcohol tests?
    • Ali said one of her pups said he could "see God's butt" during their Day of the Dead.  I challenged myself to find a celestial body that might resemble God's butt.  This is what I found:

    • R.I.P. Robert Goulet–hell of a voice, great sense of humor. 

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3 Responses to “Random thoughts:”

  1. Frozen Pizza is bad for human consumption? Wow! Who knew?

  2. I've decided to overlook the "economy size" crack and add you to my neighborhood anyway. Cheers! ;)And freezing doesn't kill e.coli?

  3. I've always wondered at the terminology, since I myself have always found larger candy bars to be far more "fun" than those little ones. Thanks for saving us from the zombies, and good luck with your NaNoWriMo novel.

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